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February 19, 2010


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This is similar to the rice pudding I usually make for Christmas breakfast. My kids are not as fond of the baked variety, though I like it better and find it less labor intensive. For Christmas we put fresh whipped cream and a shake of cinnamon on top. My husband loves it, too.


Dear Kimberly,
I have had a recipe for creamed rice shape that I have lost. It is from the Commensence cookery book (this is the lost book) It is similar to yours but doesn't have the eggs or cream and my children love it. Even after years of making it I am unsure of the exact quantities
I don't suppose you have a recipe for this you can share.
I adore you header for this blog.
And it is always a pleasure visiting you.
God Bless


Thank you for sharing this recipe Kimberlee! We made it this past week (using just 2% milk since that was all we had) and it turned out so yummy. I'm sure we will be making it again soon. God bless!

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