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November 23, 2008


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I am 100% with you, especially about the white whole wheat flour! I used to grind my own flour from Montana wheat grains, but since I can't find the Montana wheat locally anymore, and shipping cost are prohibitive, King Arthur flour has been the next best thing! I also like the unbleached flour. The only time I use store brand flour is when I make playdough. ;o)


Thanks for this information. You know I've made some of your recipes but I can't get this flour locally. In fact, when I asked about it at the grocery store, they assured me that it doesn't exist. Hmph! Baking isn't very big down here, I guess. We have holiday dinners at our church and the only things people bring are store-bought desserts. Yuck! I usually bake pies or cheesecake but they always want me to bring homemade bread. I'll be making bread for fifty people on Thanksgiving... without the lovely flour you have! *Sigh*

Michele Q.

Ah this is good to know. Thanks for the tip!

Christine Pillado

To Laura,
You can find the flour on Amazon.com. You have buy A LOT but it could be worth it! :)




We've been pretty happy with our store-brand (Stop & Shop) whole wheat flour which I mix with white flour. I only buy 1-2/time at the most because I put it in the freezer as soon as I get home from shopping. Whole wheat flour has a much shorter shelflife than white flour and will become rancid. I have never noticed the rancidity in the flour itself, but the baked goods will not last very long and they develop a distinctive bad taste.


You can buy King Arthur Flour directly from the company. It will be even fresher than when it is purchased from a store. I used to buy Prairie Gold white whole wheat kernels and grind my own flour but the shipping costs became too expensive. The website for King Arthur Flour is:
http://www.kingarthurflour.com/. There is no better flour available anywhere else and they also carry a wonderful line of other baking products.

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