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April 07, 2008


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I LOVE this, thank you so much for your special sheet, it's wonderful. You're so creative Kimberlee!! I would be overjoyed with your roll recipe, they look delish and just like my paternal g-ma used to make!!!Hugs and thanks for sharing :)

Cheryl M.

Kimberlee, this wonderful, new kitchen blog is filled with great ideas and much inspiration! Thanks :)


What a handy idea! Thanks for sharing. Off to make my own...


Hi Kimberlee,

What program did you use to make your sheet?



Oh my gosh! I just finished trying every single one of your recipes and what a hit they were! I was especially impressed by your quick breads and pancake recipes. Healthy with just a touch of sweetness! They have made it into *my* daily cheat sheet. Looking forward to trying more recipes from your blog.

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