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January 17, 2008


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sarah in va

I love to bake and we do quite a bit, especially around Christmas, but NOTHING close to the magnitude of your family. This looks like so much fun!!! What a wonderful tradition.

sarah in va

By the way, that is a spectacular drawing by your daughter. The daisies are magnificent. She is quite an artist!


Kimberlee, how does Josiah get the cookies off the press. I had a Pampered Chef cookie press I got rid of a few years ago because the cookies would never drop off the press. Scraping them off, no matter how sharp the knife, always yielded blobs of dough, not pretty designs. I would love to buy another one if I knew the trick to releasing the cookie in a pretty fashion. Gorgeous cookies and what a lovely header photo!


That's a really neat tradition. It looks like your children enjoy it. The cookies look scrumptious.

Theresa ♥

That looks like so much fun and the cookies look mmm mmm good. What fun memories you are creating.

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