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February 13, 2009



  • Remember, O Christian soul, that thou hast this day, and every day of thy life: God to glorify - Jesus to imitate - The Angels and Saints to invoke - A soul to save - A body to mortify - Sins to expiate - Virtues to acquire - Hell to avoid - Heaven to gain - Eternity to prepare for - Time to profit by - Neighbors to edify - The world to despise - Devils to combat - Passions to subdue - Death perhaps to suffer - Judgment to undergo.


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  • Thanks for stopping by! My name is Kimberlee. I am a Catholic homeschooling mother of seven children ages 8-24. This is my place to share all these things I treasure, and ponder in my heart

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  • Our family Etsy shop features artwork, peg dolls, unique hats and hoods, crocheted rosary roses, paper goods and whatever else my kids have been creating. I also make sympathy cards for those suffering miscarriage or infant loss. Thank you so much for your patronage!
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